Pro-Business Environment
Making it easier to relocate, ramp up and succeed

Nevada is conveniently located amidst the 11-western state region. An ideal location for companies who want to quickly reach major domestic and international markets – while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Learn more

Nevada Tax Incentives
Supporting new and expanding businesses

Among the western states, Nevada provides one of the most supportive tax structures focused on benefiting business growth and long-term business stability. Learn more

  • Convenient transportation infrastructure
    • Trucking/Small package
    • Railroads
    • Airports
    • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Diverse, educated and skilled workforce
  • Afforable utilities
  • Leader in renewable energy
  • The Nevada lifestyle
  • No Corporate Income Tax
  • No Admissions Tax
  • No Unitary Tax
  • No Franchise Tax on Income
  • No Estate Tax
  • No Gift Tax
  • No Special Intangible Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Inheritance Tax