Nevada Tax Incentives
Supporting new and expanding businesses

Among the western states, Nevada provides one of the most supportive tax structures focused on benefiting business growth and long-term business stability.

Nevada Tax Advantages

  • No Corporate Income Tax
  • No Admissions Tax
  • No Unitary Tax
  • No Franchise Tax on Income
  • No Estate Tax
  • No Gift Tax
  • No Special Intangible Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Inheritance Tax

More Business Advantages

  • Competitive sales tax rates
  • Competitive property tax rates
  • Minimal payroll tax
  • Several established foreign trade zones
  • Less restrictive environmental laws
  • Nevada is a right-to-work state

Nevada Property Tax ExemptionsNevada Tax Incentives Map

A partial list of exemptions from Nevada property tax:

  • Inventories held for sale within Nevada
  • All personal property stored, assembled or processed for interstate transit
  • All raw materials and supplies utilized in the manufacturing process
  • All real and personal property that qualifies and is used for the purpose of air and/or water pollution control

Nevada Tax Abatements

Personal Property Tax Abatement
Nevada businesses may receive partial personal property tax abatements. Qualifying criteria include minimums in: job creation, employee health plans, capital investment, and wages.

Real and Property Tax Abatement for Recycling
New or expanding Nevada companies can defer up to half of real and personal property tax for up to ten consecutive years if it recycles at least 50% of its material or product on site.

Sales & Use Tax Abatement
Nevada businesses may receive a sales and use tax abatement on eligible machinery and equipment. Qualifying criteria include minimums in: a commitment to doing business in Nevada, job creation, employee health plans, and wages.

Modified Business (Payroll) Tax Abatement
A modified business tax (excise tax) is imposed on each employer at the rate of 0.63% of the wages. Qualifying employers may abate 50% of the tax otherwise due during the first four years of its operations.

Renewable Energy Tax Abatements
A package of abatements is available for independent Nevada power providers creating energy from renewable resources. And for Nevada companies producing energy storage devices.

Intellectual Property Development
Intellectual property development companies locating or expaning in Nevada may qualify for partial abatements in sales tax, modified business tax and personal property tax.

Industry-specific Benefits

Licensing Operations
Without a franchise, income or intangibles tax, Nevada is an ideal state for corporate administrative operations. Especially companies such as credit card operations who collect large sums from outside Nevada. This is one of many advantages that attracted Microsoft Licensing to Nevada.

Financial Services

Nevada is one of very few states that does not impose a usury limit on personal loans or any other type of lending. This advantage makes Nevada a preferred state for establishing financial services operations. Current financial services residents include: Citibank, Harley Davidson Motor Credit, Ford Motors, Household Finance and others.

Nevada Business Development Programs

Nevada Hub Zone Incentives
Sales & Use Tax and Personal Property Tax abatements are available to locating or expanding businesses in historically underutilized business zones and enterprise communities. Additional incentives may be available to grocery stores and other companies hiring dislocated workers.

Train Employees Now (TEN)
This Nevada program helps new and expanding companies ramp up productivity by providing a skills-based job training. The intensive programs cover recruitment, hiring and job training for Nevada residents.

Industrial Development Bonds
Eligible Nevada businesses may qualify for tax-exempt industrial development bonds with low-interest financing. Cities and counties may issue industrial development bonds for manufacturing, industrial warehousing, research and development, and pollution-control facilities.

Procurement Outreach Program (POP)
POP provides bid information and direct technical assistance to businesses selling goods and services to the local, state, or federal government. POP also helps Nevada’s manufacturers and artisans market their products under their Made in Nevada program.