Nevada’s Pro-Business Environment
Making it easier to relocate, ramp up and succeed

Approximate overnight delivery area for NevadaDiverse, educated, and skilled workforce

Nevada provides a diverse workforce culturally, educationally, and in regards to industry-specific skills. And this trained workforce is available at a cost-effective rate in comparison to other states. Moreover, Nevada maintains a large population of Spanish, Indian and Chinese-speaking residents, which is ideal for customer service phone centers and other services.

Convenient transportation infrastructure

Nevada is conveniently located amidst the 11-western state region. An ideal location for companies who want to quickly reach major domestic and international markets – while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Nevada’s multi-modal transportation infrastructure includes: highways, railways, and airports.

Nevada trucking and warehousing advantages Trucking/Small package: Over 150 small package and freight carriers serve Nevada, providing transcontinental, fast freight and van-line shipping to all major markets. From Nevada, you can reach over 51 million people using standard ground delivery.
Nevada Railroads and Distribution Railroads: Union Pacific Railroad Company operates over 1,200 miles of line and crosses both northern and southern Nevada. Burlington Northern Santa Fe has also been authorized to operate over the tracks in northern Nevada.
Airport Distribution in Nevada Airports: Nevada offers two major airports providing air cargo facilities for domestic and international trade: The Las Vegas International Airport and the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Both Reno and Las Vegas are considered major air-truck distribution centers and inland ports of entry. Regional freight airports are located in Elko, Ely, and Laughlin.
Warehousing and Distribution in Nevada Warehousing and Distribution: With complete transportation services, an affordable and skilled labor force, and a business-friendly tax environment, the warehousing and distribution center industry is growing faster in Nevada than in any other west-coast state. This also provides Nevada companies state-of-the-art logistical services.

Leader in renewable energy

The state has an enviable abundance of natural resources and implemented an aggressive renewable portfolio standard for all public utilities.

  • Nevada is the No. 1 state in the nation in solar watts produced per capita.
  • Clean energy is the fastest growing industry in Nevada.
  • Nevada also has world-class geothermal research facilities.
  • The Solar One project operating near Las Vegas is the third largest solar thermal plan in the world.
  • A U.S. Department of Energy profile says Nevada and the surrounding region have the potential to become one of the most productive resource areas for geothermal energy utilization.
  • The United States Department of Energy studies show that Nevada has wind resources consistent with utility-scale production.

The Nevada lifestyle

Reno Nevada - The Biggest Little CityNevada’s 314 mountain ranges provide a diverse mix of deserts, lakes, and rivers for exploration and high-adventure play. With these natural amenities and seasonal climates, Nevada offers year-round outdoor adventure from world-class skiing to adrenaline-pumping sandboarding, to hiking through glacier-cut forests. The mountains also provide a stunning backdrop for Nevada’s 100+ golf courses or while relaxing by the pool.

This 24-hour state offers nonstop entertainment indoors too. From legendary musicians to cultural celebrations, recognized sports teams, and museums. While welcoming the future, Nevada also celebrates its proud heritage with world-famous events such as the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Basque Festival, and the many American Indian powwows.